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Custom Quality Craftsmanship

Custom Balusters & Replication

We can create balusters, posts or any other items in any design or size you'd like or we can match your missing or broken balusters with precise accuracy.

  • For replications, you can mail your baluster to us and we'll accurately match it (or you can send photos and precise measurements if you're not able to mail a baluster sample).
  • The price depends on the design, complexity, size, and wood type.
  • There is a standard $85 customization setup charge for custom designs.

To get started, please contact us with the following information and we'll be happy to give you a quote. / 718.303.7777

  1. Photo of the item you'd like produced or replicated
  2. Basic dimensions (length and width)
  3. Quantity needed
  4. Any preferred wood type