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Diablo 4-1/2 in. Steel Demon Corner-Edge Flap Disc 40 Grit

Diablo's Steel Demon™ Corner-Edge™ flap discs feature a premium zirconium blend for up to 10X faster material removal when compared to standard grinding wheels. The flap discs' special flap design offers flexibility and provides for a cushioned grinding effect. Diablo's high performance flap discs combine two steps in one by simultaneously grinding and polishing .

  • Premium Zirconium Blend - a superior quality formulation designed for fast material removal and long sanding life
  • Corner Edge Design - an unique rounded edge for maximum performance and accessibility to reach the most diffcult grinding areas.
  • Delivers up to 10X faster material removal than a grinding wheel
  • Type 29 - Conical design
  • Arbor - 7/8" (No HUB)
Ideal For: Grinding & Polishing Metal



  • ARBOR: 7/8"

  • DIAMETER4-1/2"

  • GRIT40

  • MAX RPM13280

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